Improvised Star Trek

The first of the promo’s we’re doing for Improvised Star Trek are complete and ready for viewing. These first two focus on some of the recurring characters that are part of the weekly show which plays at the iO Theatre Saturdays at midnight.

Here the ships counselor offers to answer your questions about life on a star ship. This video is but the intro, click through at the end to see him address common starfleet problems:

And here you meet the ship’s security chief. Feel the angst:

rather easy being green

Here we are using our new green screen to shoot promos for the Improvised Star Trek, a new comedy playing at the iO Theatre Saturdays at midnight(watch your back Improvised Shakespeare). Every week is a new episode from a new crew in the Star Trek universe. Very Clever’s Christopher Rathjen is a cast member, and we’ll have some complete videos ready for mass consumption soon.

Image via Irene, another cast member, and a fine Starfleet officer.

HRVC Update

Organizing For America has announced the winner of the Health Reform Video Challenge. Unfortunately Very Clever’s submission was not the final winner, but we honored to have been a finalist. The Health Reform Video Challenge received almost one thousand entries, and the Finalists garnered almost 4 millions views on YouTube. We’d like thank to everyone who voted for us, and hope Health Care Reform will be a reality soon.

And hey, we made the montage!

Improvised Shakespeare Co.

We’ve just put the finishing touches on some work for Chicago’s acclaimed improv group, The Improvised Shakespeare Company.  (Full disclosure: Very Clever’s own Nick Wagner is a member of the ISC.) We think it turned out very well.  The ISC is putting a new website together, and it’s likely that the video will be featured there in some form or another, but in the meantime, here it is!

Click here To Watch Video
Click to Watch!

And if you like that, you should catch the Improvised Shakespeare Company live on Friday nights at the iO Theatre.

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